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Welcome, my name is Erik, also known as ‘The Creative Explorer’ married to my beautiful wife and father to 2 wonderful boys.  I live in the northern parts of The Netherlands, known as Friesland.

On this little website, I will be showing one of my hobbies I am passionate about; modelling. Ever since I was a little kid, I have been building models. I guess it started with Duplo and Lego Technic, until I was old enough to make the step into plastic models. But my real passion and eye for detail didn’t really happen until 2005/2006, when my hobbycar (renault 5 Gtturbo) had to go into storage and I was left with more time to spare.

I joined forums and started to learn more about what I could do with models. It gave me greater joy and passion, the learning curve was steep and in 2009 I made the huge leap; I went all airbrush on my models. The rattlecans had to go and I started to make creative paintjobs, pushing my limits. Finally resulting in the Jabbeke contest as best paintjob.

Please look around on the website and enjoy, I will be happy to answer questions or help building projects, make them happen.

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2018 Le Mans 24 hours build
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