Super soft sanding blocks/ sponges/ foam for sanding, finishing and polishing.


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They are awesome for any sanding job, especially curved items and large areas.

I’ve been using these sponges for over 2 years and I find them ideal for finishing a custom job or prepping a body for paint. Where the purple is a bit coarse for finishing, it is ideal for custom-work.
The sponges are not too hard, not too soft, they follow the curves very well, without flatten the curve too much.  I use the yellow to finish a sanding job, even a area with putty and the blue to finish the yellow pad.
After using the blue pad, the body is ready for primer.

The blue one also works fine for getting small imperfections out of the primer.

The sponges are with the following grits:
Purple: 60/100
Yellow: 240
blue: 320

Scale : does not apply

Quantity; 1 set of 3 different sanding blocks/sponges/foam



Can be used for lot’s of different 1/8 projects! Or go wild and add it to your 1/12 or 1/16th scale projects!


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