Firerods is making small series of resin-cast modelling items, both for personal as for customers.
This started with casting a Rolls Royce Merlin V12 in resin a couple of years ago, whithout any knowledge of casting, this resulted in a complete resin engine in one piece. Even though the casting was nice, it did showed that some improvements could be done.

The result was casting the same engine, but in a multi-piece fashion, which gave more oppertunities to the castings and more fun to put it together.





In the picture below, a silicone mold for a hood is in the progress



This is a Junkers Dora-9 V12 aircraft engine, the second Firerods engine

resin046 resin047 resin048

And some more examples of engines cast by Firerods.

426 Blown Hemi & Dodge Sidewinder V10

resin085 resin084

Chevrolet 409 Turbofire & Z11 & 426 Hemi

resin083 resin088

Ford 428 Cobra jet & Dodge 440

resin087 resin082


Chevrolet LS2 & Chevrolet 283

resin081 resin086


When working on the 2016 Revell of Germany 1965 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray in 1/8th scale, the idea grew to make different wheels for the Corvette, it started with modifying the Helsey Kalsey wheels from a ’82 Corvette, modified to fit the 1965 tyres, but it ended up making a new set of Halibrand wheels.

resin049 resin071 resin076 resin091 resin074