It has been a while since I build a hotrod, I believe it was the 1937 Ford Sedan build a couple years ago. So it was time for me to get started on one, I began the pickup a few months back, but didn’t do anything but sanding the parts.
Deciding the direction was the hardest with this one, it is not a simple hotrod. I started with lowering the suspension and soon was also thinking of upgrading the engine. I decided to take one of my resin engines (428 Cobra Jet) and make that fit into the truck.
I am still in the ‘development’-stage with this truck, but hopefully I can soon really start with this one.

First things first; getting the stance right is important for this project, so the car got mocked-up and I started to lowering it.

Until I got satisfied and foudn that I was looking for.

This is the flathead V8 that came with the kit, I wanted to go with it, but decided later to use one of my resin engines

This is the engine of choice; Ford 428 V8

Even though the engine is a little bit bigger, I think it will be a better fit.

I also opened up the sides of the hood, a bit classic hotrod style.

Because the gearbox is a lot bigger, some extra room was needed in the interior

Smoothed the sidesteps

And added some plastic to the rear of the frame, it will make it look beafier.

Smoothed the firepanel

And the cabine; I got rid of the driprail, hinges and doorhandles

The 428 Cobra Jet intake manifold, not the one I think I will going to use.

The interior is one molded tub, it makes it more difficult to paint and detail, so…

I cut it up for more convenience

The holes in the fenders got filled, I will not be using the bumpers and than those holes look silly and rod unworthy.

Also started to patch some new plastic in the interior

The fenders are starting to look a lot better

Still working on the interior tub

Back of the frame is almost done

And I finally found an awesome manifold for the project, I think it came for a C3 corvette, but I am not sure, it will be adjusted and made to fit the 428, giving the Ford 4 2-barrel carb’s!


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