Due to disappointing results in the last projects, I got a bit dismotivated and I am still there, I don’t really spend much dedicated modellingtime anymore, nor the drive to finish something. I have many open projects at the moment and decided to let them be for now and start another one. Something else, completely different than I use to do.

I decided to build the Modelking ’40 Ford Early Modified, basically straight out of the box, with some tweaking and improving. But no full detail, as that would not keep me motivated at the moment.


I didn’t really knew where I was going to with the paintjob, so I started with a nice blue. As soon as I had that color on the car, I knew what I wanted: Early Modified meets Lowrider.


So I started to mask the car,


And shot another color.


Same procedure, but now added a light-opaque color, which gave it a very nice hue.


The masking came off, and just after I said: “it doesn’t look halve bad…”, I tore a piece of paint off. It can be seen on the left rear-quarter panel.

But since the rest of the paintjob isn’t all that bad (the orangepeel will mostly disappear overnight, due to the acrylic-behaviour), I will keep the paintjob and mask the mistake with a decal. I am in luck it is a race-car haha


In the pictures with the last layer of paint on it, green, it does show how much the paint vary’s in hue, even though it is a pearl coat, I think it works together nice with the purple undercoat.



After a lot of sanding-filling-painting (and repeatedly doing it over and over) I had yesterday finally a paintjob I was content with. So I decided to shoot the clear short after too.
Where I had a little spark of succes, it ended up in failure again. I think the airbrush still had some water in it, that mixed with the clear and gave me splatters.
It sucked, since I had to sand the clear down and save the paintjob.

It went ok-ish, and after I polished the area’s where the decals would come, I placed the decals. I discovered quite quickly that these decals were quite brittle and where the car was going to have number 30, I ended up with 0.

The sol now has to dry and hopefullt tomorrow or day after, I can give it it’s final coat of clear. If succesfull, I might be able to finish a build again haha


In this picture, the colors show quite true to reality. I went for a new effect, I had a bottle of Alclad prism-paint and mixed that with the 2K clear.


Since the body needed to dry thoroughly after applying the decals and some sol, I got motivated in finishing sanding and start to spray all the parts.
It went rather fast and managed to start yesterday with assembling the rollcage/frame. I decided to skip the box-springs/shocks and make my own.








I haven’t had much time to work on this project, mainly because I am too busy at the racetrack dealing with the real stuff. However, there is some little bit of progress.
The kit is both nice and not so good, the idea and base is ok, but a lot of detail is ommitted, but also give me space to detail a bit.

The whole rollcage has been assembled and the two little supportbars have been painted red.


The gastank has been fitted, together with the rear axle


I added a fuelline, going from the gastank, to the front via a gas-filter


The sparkplug wires were added


The filter can be seen a little bit better in this picture


The seat was drilled for holes (not all should be there, but the sinkmarks were not fixable, thus masked by a hole :) )



And added some color to the wheels, just for the fun of it.


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