It has been a while since I’ve done a special paint project, I thought it was time again for a new project, trying some new techniques. My goal is not the best of the best paint-quality, I mean I try too, but the joy in learning and creating something new, something different.

This is my second ’49 Merc, but I love it nonetheless. I did notice that I make mostly the same choices as about 10 years ago, when I build the ‘Merc with the tru-flames paintjob.

Revell made such a nice blank canvas, lots of choices and the fit is very good. The parts-count is a bit low, but the necessity’s are there.

I started with making a waterdrop paintjob on the hood and the roof. It will be complemented with a old-skool paneljob and some lacing.

I like the end-result, I should’ve clearcoated the waterdrops better. Appearantlythe paint didn’t held well underneath the masking tape, which is basically a no-brainer once you think about it.

After the paintjob was done, I started painting and assembling the rest of the car.

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