I started this project not too long ago. I thought it would be a nice, simple project. It has only 26 parts and it is only a curbside. I painted the car in a light-brown, but didn’t like the looks of it. So I painted it with a dark-green paint. When I clearcoated the Mercedes, I took this car in the same run, so I can work on it and probably finish soon.

The box-art


All of the parts….

I filled the ejectormarks


I had to polish out some little dust-specs


And gave the interior a wild mintgreen interior. I wanted to add some contrast, instead of going for a boring black treatment.



The tires got a white-wall appearance with the airbrush. I think it will look good under the dark body.


And there was little progress, even though it is a very, very simple kit, it isn’t all that bad too build. Especially the car itself is nicely molded, it really reflects that 70’s feel to it.

I decided to go a little easier on the green and added some black, it ended up being a weird colorcombo, so I toned the green a bit down and it looks more in balance this way.


The body is starting to look like a car, I added some flat-black aspects to the grill and it really comes to live. I also had to add some BMF on the top of the grill, since there was no chrome.


The BMF placed on the car, really pops. it goes very well with the dark green


Time to install the windows, I had to use a little bit of force.



The whitewalls with the (I believe) Rally II wheels


I added some BMF and green flocks to the interior. I decided to go with a black carpetbase as a different touch to it. I am still not sure if it is the best looking combo, but it is not that bad either.


I also left a little gift on the back-seat, which I will reveal later. It is just a matter until the glue has set, so I can cut open the tape on top, to give it a more realistic look to it.


And so far the dash.


The progress on this build goes pretty smooth, no major problems. And it is a fun project.

When I put the glass in; it screams for improvement


So I made a template, used some medical tape and make a headliner with it


In the meantime I airbrushed the engine, or what needs to be called a engine I guess.


I airbrushed the headliner flat black and used white glue to glue it into place.


The seatbelts got some PE and gives a little bit of detail to the interior.



Because of the lack of detail, I dove into the partsbox and got a rear-view mirror and made a dome-light out of a Porsche headlight



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