It is the time of the year again; the most exhausting race is happening! Almost being a tradition, during the 24 hours of Le Mans, I will try to build a Le Mans racer during those 24 hours.

For this year, I chose a Hasegawa Porsche 962. When I received the box, it startled me of how small the parts count is. I mean, it is very very low. Which is of course an advantage for a quick-build, but still. Even then it is low. But it might give me the oppertunity to detail a bit more or even weathering.

I started with making the window masks

And cleaned up the floorpan. Just take a look at the suspension-detail; there is none!

Seriously; these are almost all the parts for the kit.I think only the clear parts, tires and body have to be added.

I got the white paint quite quickly clearcoated and could start some detailpaint on the body

And even knowing how small the parts count is, I still overestimated the parts count…. This is just it…

First coat of paint is on the parts!


Time is flying by fast, but I managed to get some work done. Normally, I tackle the decals on sunday, but decided it might be better to do it today, since the part count is low and the car is painted.

But man, do I dislike decals, every time again. Decals and me will never be friends, I’d rather paint the car than use decals.

All the parts are painted

The towing eyelets are handpainted in red, rather than airbrushed

And the start of decalling, did I mention that I don’t like it?

The wheels are painted gold and starting to make them shiny using the Chrome pens

And the state before heading for a nap, I got most of the decals on and put a coat of micro Sol on it, I hope it does it’s magic.




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