Ever since I built the ’09 Challenger for Thomas his birth day, I knew I had to built one again. The one for Thomas was the AMT curbside, this time I take a turn on the Revell Challenger, which is just so much better in so many ways. The detail is nice, there is an actual engine and it looks so much more convincing.

And I also wanted to take a turn on a new flamejob again.


The first steps; I sprayed it a Toyota Gun-metal,

But for some reason, the mold-lines came through again, I probably sprayed too thick of coats.

That means sanding again and time for the second color

After some more masking, the third color comes on.

And this is the endresult; if it reminds you of something; yes, this paintjob was my inspiration for the paintjob of my yacht.

After hours of paint and multiple layers; we’ve got us a flamejob.

After the yacht and most of the Corvette are done, I could start on finishing this build. I started with painting the parts.

The engine went together good, the intakemanifold has not a clear place on the engine, so I tried to center it on the heads.

I used small strips of Bare Metal Foil for hoseclamps, enriching the engine a little bit.


The standard Challenger has a red piece in the seats, I liked that and kept it in my interior. Revell does add the stripe as a decal, but I rather use paint


As per usual; the interior is flocked. Light gray flocking over US-gray paint


The enginebay also got some detail, I will add some more as I go.


The interior is coming together nicely.


With the use of washes and different shades of grey, the dashboard comes to live.

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