One of my projects for this year is going to be a E-type. You just can’t beat the beauty of that car. I have build the Revell convertible before, but that one wasn’t so good.
I was able to get my hands on a couple of HighTech series from Gunze Sangyo and they promise to a bit more intricate. A lot actually, but most importantly; the shape of the body seems to be quite good.


As usual, I started with the body work, These are the parts that needs to go in color


I made it myself a bit more difficult by glueing the top and lower body together, already. This way I can get rid of that hideous, but unavoidable seem between the top and lower body.




For size comparison, I put a Starliner next to it.


During the last few days of building, I decided to make the most intricate E-type I’ve seen so far. I know it is a bold statement, but I see a lot of shortcuts when it comes to the E-type and I have the intention to go all the way.
I am good motivated and work does progress, albeit slow. There is a lot of pewter that has to be cleaned and prepped before primer.

I folded and dryfitted the panels in the hood


Because the body parts have been glued together, I could also work on the seams on the back



It also required the underside of the doorpanels to be scribed again, I used a ruler for a straight line


And I added to little strips in the hood, where the hood parts were riveted together in the factory


One thing that was bothering me, was a not so good formed bulkhead in pewter, it wasn’t very clean cornered. I did some long time of cutting and had a better looking firewall.


I got to some more working on the E-type’s body, I did some more dryfitting and ended the evening with spraying a light coat of primer on the parts.
I also made the box-frame in which the engine sits, as that needs to go in color as well.





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