I got bored….

It happens more often and than I wonder through my kits and get new ideas, I went through a new stash and soon got the idea to make something I’ve not seen before, I wanted to have a modern japanese rallycoupe, other than the Impreza. I wanted to use a Evo X, but I thought that the Evo 6 had a better body for it.

And so I started, I took the Evo and found soon a good donor for the roof; a R34 Skyline


After a long time of measuring and delicate cutting, I had the roof cut off, and roughly placed on the Evo, the idea is now taking shape.


Seen from the side.


Since I have to wait until the chrome has removed from parts of the Ferrari, i though I could do some boresome sanding work on this one.

Not a whole lot has happened, but I managed to get most sanding work done, it is up to the fiddly work now.

The body after it’s coat of primer:



And after I started to search for detailling, looks a lot, but it isn’t all that bad. After this is sorted out, I can start thinking of the new panellines.



I managed to get the Evo into the paintshop and gave it it’s color. It wasn’t easy tough, I think I wanted to go to fast and messed up.

After my first attempt I gave the car a covering-color, since the orange wasn’t all that opaque. It seemed to work, as the car has now a overall even coat of paint and now that the Evo has some paint, the whole concept comes to live, I like it actually :)

The base-color: a beige….



And the bodycolor, it is a Lamborghini orange, and I love the hue



Looking at the sideshape of the car, it does make sense


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