I started this project a little while back, it will be a celebrating model in honour of our soon to be born baby. I made a Dodge Challenger for our first son and so I wanted to make something for the upcoming child (he or she, we don’t know).
Just like the Challenger, I wanted a contemporary model, that is recent.
For this year, I basically had the choice between the Toyota and the LaFerrari and since that thing is hidious, I decided on the GT86, since that one is a bit more normal.

The box, I bought it with a extra set of PE from Aoshima


The colors I used are Sunset Orange from Nissan and Berwick Bronze from Aston Martin

Since a two-tone wouldn’t look very good on the Toyota, I decided to go out of the box and come up with a asymmetrical paintjob.


I tried to make a circuitboard on the roof, but didn’t like it and put carbon fiber on it.


The engine so far





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