All projects to a hold; for the next two weeks, I will be building this Pajero. During the Dakar of 2017, I initiated a groupsbuild for the Dutch IPMS and this will be my entrance in the build.
Day 1: Unboxed the Pajero, got the body apart and got all the parts from the sprues

Day 2: I started sanding all the parts, starting with all the white parts. I think I got through 3/4 of the white parts.

Day 3:  Started with party redoing the paintbooth, I wasn’t happy with the results and found a backdraft in the ventilationsystem. So I took it apart, designed and made 2 centrifugal housings and changed the exhaust.

Day 4: finished the paintbooth and started sanding the remaining parts, even managed to get most parts in for the first coat of paint.

Day 5: Painted the rest of the parts and started assembling

Day 6: Continued assembling, mostly engine and chassis

Day 7: Airbrushed some detailpant, like windowrubbers and started assembling the interior


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