I bought recently this kit, soon after the purchase I opened the box and the first word that came out of my lips was WOW. Seriously, Revell nailed it with this kit. The engraved detail looks awesome and the molds are very crisp. I had my ranting and raving over Revell in the last couple of years, but they are serious working to make nice kits.
The fit seems to be really nice as well, but the build needs to show whether it is that nice. But I got so excited over the kit that I started right away, I never do that.

The typical Revell box-art. Nice.


A quick dry-fit, the doors are a bit warped, but Revell included placement-pins, so the doors will close snuggly


The engraved details of the enginebay are visible and I think it looks quite nice.


There is a tiny little bit of flash on the molds, but nothing very serious



The next modelbuilder in queu (he likes to watch Daddy, but I don’t allow him in the modellingroom when I am painting or glueing)


All the parts that needs to be prepped for it’s color.


Scribed panellines just look so much better than just being painted with a marker.



And the same for the sides



This model has fought me ever since I started on the body, for some reason, the paints keeps reacting with the body and I had to reprime the body 3 times.
Finally, today after 2 months, I was able to have a decent primer on the body and could paint the body in it’s colours. I used Gulf-Blue for the basecoat and I used Gulf-Champagne for the contrasting color.





Work got continued in the last couple of days, I worked mostly on the interior. I didn’t know what to do with the colors of the interior, until I played a little bit with colors and came with a interesting color-scheme.

When I looked through the bags of the kit, I noticed the bag of tyres, which didn’t seemed to be right.


They are quite wide, slicky and small for a SLS. So I wrote a e-mail to Department X of Revell, I assume the right tires will come soon.


Back to the interior; this is a mock-up. I had some problems with flocking, using the regular ways. I just couldn’t get a nice even finish. So I decided to figure a way for myself and appearantly it worked. I am quite happy with it, but next time I want to do a little bit better of a job.
Personally I like how the colors came out, It does something to the interior.
I also noticed in this picture that I need to give the seats an extra coat, they look uneven to me. I don’t see it in person in natural light, but if the camera can catch it…..




I haven’t been able to do this, a third update within a week. I decided today was a nice day to clearcoat a few projects, so I got everything prepped and tried to work on getting rid of the dust. I did had some problems with dust particles and today’s ‘batch’ had a lot less problems with it. The Mercedes got also his clearcoat, so I can work on it soon again. Things go quite fast actually and I don’t mind it at all

Nice glosssy, just the way I like it





And the batch that got it’s clearcoat, now I can finish a few more soon.


I have been working on the interior mostly and tried a dryfit a couple days ago, to see how the colors would match and the overall fit, I must say, I am pleased. The colors look nice with the body and the fit giving by Revell is perfect.



I like how the parcelshelf looks, it gives a nice finish to the model.


Revell included molded in grills with the side- and bonnetvents. It doesn’t look all too bad, but I saw room for improvement.


So I cut the fins from the grill and slimmed them. Even though I could’ve done a better job, I think it does look better than what Revell included in the kit.


I did the same for the hood, left Revell, right me. (yeah I know, I should’ve wiped the hood before I took the photo)


I painted the top of the door-sills, gives it a finished touch


More interior parts painted.


Filled the sink-holes and sanded it, off to the airbrush


I was able to glue the rear-bumper to the body, means that we are getting closer to the end.


The doorpanels have been near-finished, just some work with BMF and they can go into the car.


When I wanted to paint the rear-light lenses red, I noticed that Revell ‘forgot’ to engrave the parts that needed to be left white. I tried to solve that problem with some masking tape, unfortunately it didnt work out the way I wanted it to and I had to order new parts from Revell.


So I continued with the interior, the headliner got some BMF to represent the domelights


And getting it into the car was a husle, but with some persuation by clothespins, the headliner went it ok.


Work continued on the chassis, most of these parts will never be seen again, so I didn’t took a lot of effort in cleaning up the parts.


The radiator got some shades of black, to give it a bit more depth.



The interior nears completion as well, seats are installed, together with the pedals.


The wheelwells got glued to the chassis


And the plastic-cover on top of the engine got glued on.

I made some golf-clubs to add into the interior.

I couldn’t get the lower part right, so I will hide it a little bit underneath the dash.



And the interior glued to the body.


And when I was working on final assembly, I noticed a blotch on the driverside door. I tried to peel it off with a toothpick, but apparantly it was some glue. How it got there? I have no clue, but I peeled of my paint as well. Now there were 2 options, let it be, but it is disturbing, or go extensive and try to repair it. I decided on the latter.



So sanding was necessary


Together with some putty


And after a couple of hours of work, I got the paint back on. I hope to clearcoat the car tomorrow.


Work is slowly coming to a halt. I reached the point of where I can’t go any further. Basically the car is done, I only have to wait if Revell sends me some new taillights. When they arrive, I can finish up in the back and the car is done.

The door got repaired nicely, looks a lot better than with a mistake in it.


The tires didn’t really fit nice, if you look to the tire left, you can see some extra rubber on the inside, this makes a bad fit for the tires on the wheel. The solution is to cut out a ring of rubber from the inside.

After the tires arrived and I made them fit, I could fit them underneath the car. It starts to look there is a end in sight.



I painted the inside of the wheels in the body-color, to give it something extra


And so far it sits, I did put some numberplates on and got the mirrors on the door, other than that, it is waiting for the rear-lights.


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